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Available Now online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, various ebook formats, audiobook and paperback). Available in Sioux Falls, SD at Crossroads Christian Bookstore and Barnes&Noble, and the Menno (SD) public library. Or contact me to order a signed book to be mailed directly to you.

MJ's debut novel about regrets and pain, the search for forgiveness and ultimate redemption.

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Two more books are underway...! 
I'm excited to share my journey with you!

The first book takes us back to the 1950's and one woman's instinct to survive years of psychological, physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

There is hope beyond the reality that our character faces daily and she learns that one man's opinion of her does not define her status in society or her validity as a woman. The struggle is intense as she finds the courage to regain her identity and pursue life on a new playing field. Under her own rules.

Will he track her down? Kill her if he has the chance? Her trust in God's protection will be tested as she forges an untrodden path.

The second book is primarily about a woman's search for meaning beyond personal success.

At the request of her great-grandma, Lydia steps away from her extremely busy career and embarks on a quest to locate a handful of quilts her great-grandma made 50+ years prior, at the turn of the century.

To Lydia, the task seems meaningless, a burdensome detour, but as time soon reveals, her soul needed the journey as much as her body did. 

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