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Jim River Boy speaks to anyone on a quest to find forgiveness and who possesses a desire to start over. The book’s engaging words and evocative imagery draw readers into the drama. The narrative flows like a river and washes over heavy hearts and wounded souls with the good news that, with effort, receptivity, and grace, one can go home again. 

Jim River Boy is interspersed with numerous biblical references. These support the strong Christian genre in which this work is rooted. The biblical citations also reinforce the truth that God operates in the broken places of human existence. As the divine healing presence shines in the cracks and fissures of life, it becomes evident that the transcendent power belongs to God. Jim River Boy attests to the power that makes all things new and transforms a dismal past into a future with hope. 

~Pastor Harlan Hayunga

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From Becca, via Amazon

Take a powerful pilgrimage as you read Jim River Boy, discovering the healing that comes through struggle. MJ Ulmer's writing is powerful and engaging, making this novel hard to put down. Through captivating scenes, you'll find yourself drawn to the characters and to the human need to love and be loved. If you've ever wrestled with forgiveness or grappled with faith, this book will gently guide you towards true peace.

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~reader review

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From Tracey, via Amazon

Jim River Boy takes the reader on a journey to self-discovery; not only by providing biblical principles, but by also taking the reader’s hand and walking step-by-step through real life examples of redemption. This book has an encouraging message for anyone who has struggled with hope beyond regret, accept God’s promises beyond pain and trust beyond trauma. This book will continue to guide me through the deep work of self discovery and redemption. The author shares knowledge, understanding and experience that can greatly enrich readers’ lives. Writers like MJ Ulmer are why people buy Christian fiction. Pick up a copy for yourself and gift one to a friend. This is a must read! It’s a balm to the soul.
-Tracey Burkett

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