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Jim River Boy by author MJ Ulmer

Growing up on a farm in the Midwest, MJ (Jeanette) Ulmer had ample opportunity to explore the outdoors, letting her imagination grow along with her ever expanding horizons. She began writing poems in middle school as a way to express herself, then creatively branched into photography and floral design in college, before ultimately answering the call (in her forties) to write JIM RIVER BOY.

With an ambition to help others find hope and encouragement through her writings, MJ strives to pair real-life struggles (such as depression, family relationships, pregnancy, abuse, etc.) with the unending promise of God to heal, redeem and restore what is lost or broken. She considers herself a hopelessly hopeful person and tries to live on the optimistic side of life.

In addition to writing, MJ also works part time as a photographer and floral designer, teaches piano lessons to a small group of children, serves as an Elder in her church, and assists on the family farms. Riding motorcycle and 4-wheelers top off her favorite outdoor activities. And, when possible, escaping to somewhere warm and tropical in the middle of the cold Midwestern winters! 

Born and raised in southeast South Dakota, MJ still resides there with her family. 

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