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An unrepentant heart is heavy. 

Widowed, lonely and angry, Claire feels that God has turned a blind eye to her. When her daughter becomes pregnant she acts on her pride and vanity, forcing the teenage girl to get rid of the baby. This choice creates a wedge between mother and daughter - and further distances Claire from God.        

Believing that she’s a hopeless cause and peace is unattainable, she willingly accepts her probable death when a car accident leaves her sinking in the murky Jim River waters.    

Then the boy appears, taking her by the hand and leading her down a path of self-reflection and healing, in a world unlike anything she’s ever seen. Claire discovers the truth about the past, faces off with her pride and finds that God has been pursuing her through it all. Using even the most dire of situations to draw her closer to Him.

A hard-to-put-down, thought provoking novel about redemptive love and true forgiveness from a God who celebrates with us in times of joy and agonizes with us in times of difficulty. A God who seeks to restore to us what was lost or stolen and redeem us with His powerful grace.

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March 23, 2022

JIM RIVER BOY, is the debut title from MJ Ulmer. Available in paperback or ebook and audiobook via, Barnes & Noble online and various other outlets.

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MJ (Jeanette) Ulmer has dabbled with writing since middle school when she wrote poems as a form of self-expression. 

Her upbringing on a South Dakota farm helped cultivate her work ethic and pushed her to venture further than her small-town horizons. 

JIM RIVER BOY is her debut title.

See her "About" page for more information.

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Want a signed copy of Jim River Boy?
$25 (including S&H)
Send me an email requesting it and we'll get in touch about the mailing details. Thank you for inquiring about my debut Christian fiction novel! I appreciate every reader.

Thanks for submitting!

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